First of all, you need to  

figure out what you are actually interested in. 

It could be tons of things 

: language, coding, writing, drawing, cooking or even dancing. 

You can pick something to support your career or something for fun.

Where to learn? 

For certain skills like dancing or singing, you still need to find an onsite formal-course, or perhaps a good teacher for serious learning. But, for some skills that doesn’t need to be onsite. You can try finding out information from the internet. The internet provides you with two options 


  1. If you like to go with the wind. You can google or find sources frompinterest




    . Try to follow blogs of expert as well.

  2. If you’re into structured learning, you can try online course such as 





    Khan Academy

Next is, 

finding how you learn best. 

We need to understand that we no longer study in school which obligates us to attend the lesson. In other words, we are independent learners. We are free to personalize the process, methods and schedule. Make yourself enjoy and happy. Though it’s not easy, the best way to find out is by trying and failing.

For independent learners, it’s essential to find the process and methods that match your instinctual tendencies as a learner.




One of the keys to success and enjoyment as an independent learner is to discover how you  




learn. - 

Kio Stark — Don’t Go Back To School

Maintaining consistency would be the key for best result too. We don’t need to learn many things in a short time. Put our effort in reps. As James Clear said in his 


Embrace the long, slow walk to greatness and focus on putting in your reps.
Whenever you put in consistent work and learn from your mistakes, incredible progress is  






the result. - James Clear


find an 

accountability buddy 

who can support and motivate you. Accountability buddy is a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment — wikipedia

If you don’t have one, public accountability can be good too. Share your progress in your blog or social media. If you need more insights, read 

How to design a 365 day project 


Cynthia Koo.

Here’s an example of what I want to learn in 2015 


  1. My highest priority is continuing to learn swift programming (so far it’s been running for 2 months)
  2. Writing (read more | exercise | learn more better words, phrases | start chirping on 

    my blog



  3. Hand-Lettering (just for fun)